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If you are experiencing a job change, either promotion or enter a new company… 

Join today and find out how to go from a rough diamond into a jewel 

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What clients are saying …

How successful leaders are thriving in their carrier with
Leaders Transition Booster

Step 1. Start with a structured Onboarding Roadmap

[if not received .. it’s up to you to make it]

Just like Businesses make Budgets, you need to have the Roadmap of your transition, you might have deviations, but at least you know where you stand according to something.. clear. Take our free map and involve HR.

Studies, researches are made on this topic: Success in integration is increased with a clearly defined onboarding process.

You know what you need to do from the 1st day.. Discover the 5 “W’s” of a successful onboarding. 

Step 2. Approach a process view

[and make sure your new colleagues will not hate you from the first week]

Having this approach will make you change the way you look at  problems.  There are books written on the subject. But resumed is : Go see, ask why, show respect.

Look at the process first and then ask what happened, why did this happens, instead of who’s fault it is. And listen!


Discover the key, what to do when you don’t know the process, the flows and you have no power or influence… other than the authority provided by the business card and the name on the office door. 

Step 3. Upgrade your tools to level up your skills

[dust-off your skills, improve your emotional intelligence… “what got you here, won’t get you there” M Goldman]

Is not about I and you, is about WE. You know that if you don’t receive what you need at the level that you need, you cannot have performance as much as you would like.

Upgrade your communication tools, clean and adapt your leadership skills, listen and even upgrade some specific technical skills.

Start with an assessment of current status. There are 2 parts in a successful transition: the technical and the emotional one. Listen, get feedback for both, question yourself. Balance strength and flexibility.


Build trust, produce change and improvement in your own teams. When people resist, they don’t resist to the rational side, it’s the emotional side that stands in your way. 

Step 4. Congruent leadership

[“Walk the talk and talk the walk”… if you want them to follow you]

In-congruency is the basis of immobility and suffering, for you as an individual already, of course if you are aware of it. This is when you don’t make progress. Unless you learn how to be congruent, you will not advance as far as your potential could get you, or you will not be able to achieve a sustainable success.


Check out our free training to find out what are the 2 most important
traits from military to aviation and clinical world, validated with Leadership professors and a must in the digital world.


One -to – one Coaching:

We guide you through the whole process with one-to-one, 1 hour long mentoring calls. 

All call will be recorded (highly recommended, unless client specify the contrary through contract),  so you can watch them over and over again to make sure you really  understand the work in hand.

We offer you online support.

This program is designed for you. The leader who want to increase the chances for success in a new job, when you feel under-supported.

This program is designed for you. The leader who doesn't wait for others to decide the success level of your carrier, and take the responsibility in your own hands.  


What you get:
  • 8 One2One Calls with your coach

  • 8 Online pre-recorded Training sessions

  • Unlimited contact with your coach on WhatsApp in between calls

  • Recordings of each call

  • Onboarding templates, and checklist

  • Free Online follow up board

  • 360 Assessment or Self Assessment* EQLeadership in the beginning ( EQi2.0 model)

  • 360 Assessment or Self Assessment* at the end of the program ( EQi2.0 model) 

* according to client needs and package chosen. Assessments are confidential and for personal and professional development only. The reports will not be shared with HR department (unless Client will specifically ask this)


Remember that…

The secrets of a successful transition are in your hands…

Secure yourself from the beginning. You have no second chance to make a first good impression.

Be one of the 60% of Leaders who succeed.

Not one of the 40% who fail in 18 months.

You focus on what you do best. And let us guide you on the extra tools. 

Take the BoostUP and turn from a rough diamond into a jewel 


Your Instructor...

When I was 35 years old, I became European Director, for all the internal factories and industrial office from the premium textile brand for which I was working.


I started my professional career as accountant at 22 years old. I was 25 when I became Finance Manager in a major Automotive company.

In my 30s I grew as CEO/ Plant manager. I was in a Manufacturing Company, part or a major premium brand, worldwide known.

I could have been just …another manager, a successful one which by the way is not so bad. Yet I was far from being an inspirational Leader for my teams. 

But… I had once a question that changed my life. I hired a Lean consultant just when I became CEO. He was coming every Friday for 3 months, after a 6 days Lean Training for my teams. 

I can tell you that was ruining my weekends for a trimester… As usual I was complaining how my team did not advanced, how I was myself not able to advance and how I never had a Plant Manager, woman even less, that I could have looked up to, and to have as model. So I was sure I will never make it. 


He asked me :” But then Alexandra, why don’t you become the plant manager, you would have always wanted to have?”. Ever since, I did all towards this goal… becoming the role model I always wanted to have.

And the answers for myself I found in Lean, later in NLP, Coaching, Emotional Intelligence and Neuroscience. I learned to be aware of my own fails, aware of the environment and how to read it. I learned to be humble, to listen, to ask feedback.

This journey helped me as professional to find answers to my problems. And later the problems my companies faced, always for those problems, the answers were laying in the knowledge of my teams.

My coaching journey started In 2015, when NLP and personal development was not enough to be a better Leader for my colleagues. Ever since I was working with pears, colleagues, and later with clients. I always had a coach. Sometimes several ones. 

I became in 2018 certified NLP Trainer, with John Grinder, I took the certification to perform Emotional Intelligence Assessments, I took my ACC credentials certification, and I finished Neuroscience academy short training.

I started in Germany my Coaching, Consulting and Training Company. In September 2018 I launched a research, and a survey, where I wanted to add to my experience, all the knowledge I could find about Leadership Transition and how can this be boosted. I had also precious help, to fine tune and improved this “transition” program.

My own path, my experience as leader and with the knowledge gained in the research, I am now ever more confident when I stand behind Leaders Transition Booster and say that it is tailor-made to your needs and complete in every way I can think of today.


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