Boosting transitions. Changing perspectives. Enabling Success.

 “ If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at, change” 

Wayne Dyer

I believe we have the answers to all our problems inside ourselves, we can find resourcefulness, once we manage to switch from looking at the content to managing the context, and once we have the right person to give, or show us how to regain, confidence. I believe we are all extraordinary, we just have to trust ourselves!  I also believe that there are no bad people, just sad people.

I could not agree more with my son Paul, he is 7 now, and he  was resuming once Oblivion ( The movie): 

 Mama, these are the good people, these are the bad people… they are also good. Is just that they don’t know it yet… ” 


My name is Alexandra Claes, I launched Leaders Transition Booster to help leaders in difficulty, like once myself 10-13 years ago,

I spend 15 years in the corporate world, for 3 major companies in automotive, car manufacturing and Textile industry manufacturing. Advancing from Accountant to Finance manager when I was 25 years old, and CEO / Plant manager in my early 30’s. At 35 I became European Director for all internal factories & Industrial office for a major Premium Clothing brand.

After a successful evolution in my carrier, I today guide Leaders to be successful in their own transitions, with a new launched program : Leaders Transition Booster : a blend of my own Experience, Onboarding, Emotional Intelligence coaching, NLP and Neuroscience knowledge.

I always thrived for excellence, for myself, my teams and the companies I was acting. While creating value I managed to never forget about Values. I always “walked the talk”, and this brought me my professional carrier success. Here is what my pears, ex superiors, suppliers or member teams had to say about me. More on LinkedIn 

I am a huge “Four-leaf clover” lover,  I have found my first ones not long ago, and ever since I use this search as an active meditation on every walk in the woods (I even have several with five, six and seven, and spend several of my own mentoring and Coaching sessions on deconstructing the process). Several friends, or my son ask me to “help” them find also 4 clovers, as quote “They’ve never found one”. 

And my answer is, “You don’t find them. They find you. But you need to stop, pause, sit down, look with a clear mind and opened heart so that you can hear their call. You will start to see the patterns, your “inner back processor” will do his scanning and you’ll see them”. And if you don’t find one, I’ll share with you the ones I find”. As you can guess, no-one wants mine anymore after this. They want to have THEIR own Four Clover, because they know they can.

 I see coaching just like the Four Clover search process. I provide you in the manuals, short modules and different links, a great part of my knowledge. And after each session you will receive  a follow up personalised message with a summary and other resources. You can still have the resources that were useful for me to consider (and this does not go anywhere) AND you get to explore your own solutions, your OWN FOUR CLOVER and maybe get to an even better outcome that I might have found in the past, and your solutions will be adapted to your context, situation, perspectives in the now.  If this is attractive to you as solution, let's find together your OWN Four Leaf Clovers. 

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I am working in English, French or Romanian on 3 axes:

  • Leaders Transition Booster” program for managers in transition (promotion in the same company or a job in a new company)

  • Emotional Intelligence Leadership and 360 assessments and coaching

  • I also work punctually 121 with CEOs or business owners, in their company on the development of their business administration skills.

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Certifications and Credentials : 


 I am proud and honored to have had the opportunity to work with great people, and get access to their knowledge. It is long and fulfilling

journey of learning, still to continue:


And, More Privately: 

I was born in Romania in 1981.

I graduated the studies in Romania in 2003, and Studied with Erasmus Scholarship in France during University.

I am married and have a wonderful 7 years old son. 

After living for a couple of years in France, I am currently based with my family in Herzogenaurach, Germany. A place where my son wants “to live forever.” Today you find me here:

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