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Drive your life with intention and clarity. Bring joy in personal and professional areas. Propel your actions with focus and discipline. Let go gratefully of whatever holds you back to gain the inner calm and peace of mind.  Alexandra’s solutions, one-to-one coaching programs, training systems, and targeted workshops will help you identify where exactly you are, how far your goal is, and develop a concrete strategy to bridge any performance gaps.


For Leaders

Time frame for success and gains is tighter than ever. Mastering the Technical side: Strategy, Results  is only a part of the equation. Equally important are the Emotional practices we use to establish Social Acceptance and Connection with the Team, Stakeholders and guarantee Company Culture Integration.

For Coaches

How do you get the aspired impact? How do you put in the world your expertise? What is the area you want to focus on in the next 5 to 10 years? How can you bring your ideas to clients? You want a system that works for you? You want to remain authentic, build your products, and create your blueprints? 

Associated Certified Coach, loyal to the  International Coach Federation Requirements, Core Competencies and Code of Ethics.

Member of the International Coaching Federation, representing the highest quality and commitment to excellence in professional coaching.

Member of the International Trainers Academy of Neuro Linguistical Programming Trained with, and Certified by John Grinder, Carmen Bostic, Michael Carol. 

Certified in EQi2.0 and EQ360 MHS, a validated and reliable measure of emotional intelligence (EI), for leadership development, selection and executive coaching.

Member of the Association for Coaching, dedicated to learn and commited to uphold best practice and standards for coaching across the globe.

Certified BetterUp Conscious Business Coach, devoted to the values-first approach to leadership and Conscious Business philosophy . 


My name is Alexandra Claes, and I have a track of successful business experience, extensive training in multiple methodologies, and several years of experience as a certified coach. I help leaders, executives and high potential individuals to bridge performance gaps. Clients working with me usually manage stressful situations, navigate change and transitions, handle expectations from a new boss, influence others, integrate a new team, or develop accountability in others. I am a woman, mother, wife, daughter, sister, leader, ex-director, coach, consultant, trainer, curious learner, and solution developer. But beyond all the labels, badges, or titles … I AM. And this is enough today!



Regardless of the techniques I use, evidence-based tools, creative resources, I will show you how to focus on your unique gifts, talents, and abilities. You will find personalized strategies, practical tactics, and contextual toolkits. Reaching that Next Level is a matter of unlocking potential, remaining congruent with your values, and respecting your needs. Working together, I have every confidence that even when you struggle to achieve great things, you’ll gain the inner peace of exploring possibilities and looking at things from multiple perspectives. I can’t wait to meet you, learn your challenges, and support you best.


I spend 15 years in the corporate world for three major companies in automotive, car manufacturing, and textile industry manufacturing. I was 35 when I became European Director for all internal factories & Industrial offices for a significant premium clothing brand. I started as an accountant, to advance to finance manager when I was 25 years old, and CEO / plant manager in my early 30’s. I always thrived for excellence, for myself, my teams, and the companies I was acting. While creating value, I managed to never forget about Values. I always “walked the talk,” and this brought me my professional carrier success. Here is what my pears, ex superiors, suppliers, or member teams had to say about me.


During my Corporate Career, I was trained in a multitude of Lean and Kaizen Methodologies. I started my Neuro Linguistical Programming (NLP) journey in 2012 with NLP Practitioner and NLP Master. In 2018 I became NLP Trainer, Certified with John Grinder, one of the NLP founders. When I reached the limits of NLP and felt that for my teams, I needed more, I followed a Systemic Coaching School with Alain Cardon. I was Plant Manager of a Factory of around 400 People at the time. I added the last years' several certifications: Emotional Intelligence certified EQi2.0 and EQ360 Assessment Provider and Coach with MHS Canada, Applied Neuroscience and Brain Health with the famous Neuroscience Academy of Sarah McKay from Australia, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Group Coaching Trainer with Headway Coaching Group Spain. I am a Certified CoachHub Coach in Digital Coaching. This year I had an amazing opportunity to became a Certified BetterUp Conscious Business Coach.

Years of Management

Years of Business Experience

Happy Clients

Hours of Coaching Experience

Hours of Training and Preparation

You can check on LinkedIn what my clients, peers, ex superiors, suppliers or member teams had to say about me.

” Having had the opportunity to be coached by Alexandra recently I have found a truly masterful coach. A coach who really joins you on your journey using deep, deep listening skills before she seeks to add value to the coaching process. Only when she has the full measure of the topic in hand, which is pdq, does she open her arsenal of high calibre techniques to help bring the topic to a fruitful end. Her coaching manner is, first of all, respectful, then collaborative, mutually agreed, strongly focussed and undertaken is a serious but fun manner. And with your permission she will offer to try new, up-to-date effective methodologies. Her confidence is earned-confidence not lightly manufactured confidence. She has a strong academic mindset with the warmth of a well-trained coach. She offers value well beyond what might be expected. She is possibly the most generous coach that I have had the pleasure to work with to-date in terms of her well-chosen recommendations for further investigation. I loved working with Alexandra and have benefitted greatly from her expertise, and from her very supportive manner.

Olivia Woods

Recruitement Consultant

” I’ve learned to know Alexandra as a very dedicated and passionated coach, always trying to give me the best possible support, even though not easy in some way. My very determined personality and established way of doing things drove her to the limits of coaching possibilities, but always, again and again, with constructive solutions, proposals and related interaction. New ideas, back-up materials to read, tasks to do, and a continuous dialogue to explore possibilities. The coaching experience enabled me to go to a high level of self reflection. Thanks Alexandra for the interesting sessions we’ve had.”

E. E


” Alexandra was a very professional and dedicated coach. Through questioning and by sharing several tools, she helped me define the “WHY” and the “HOW” of developing my overall business activities and esp. the French-German ones, while I was stucked in the “WHAT”. She used (not only) visualisation and I felt it was very powerful and supported me to get inspirations, new insights and ideas and to feel empowered. It was a “WHOUAH” experience. I warmly recommend Alexandra “



“I worked with Alexandra to define my target audience and niche for my business as well as to address a few personal items. I’ve worked with many coaches and often feel like I’m coaching myself. Alexandra’s questions almost always pointed me to unexpected and fruitful territory to explore. She also brought tools to our sessions that I hadn’t worked with before which kept the sessions exciting. I gained great insight through working with Alexandra and highly recommend her as a coach. ” 

Lisa Brewer

Leadership and life Coach

” I worked with Alex for three months to find clarity about my next career move and I was taken aback by her coaching style. Not only she is knowledgeable and resourceful, she made me feel safe and willing to open up and explore what at times I didn’t feel I had the courage to which resulted in insightful breakthroughs. I felt safe in her hands at vulnerable times. She is very professional, calm and considerate and followed through her commitments in an organised and efficient manner. I could relate to her as she was willing to share as well her experience which I also found reassuring and revealing. I strongly recommend her.”


Senior Manager

Alexandra is the person you want standing by you as you take career and life developing steps. The coaching sessions with Alexandra have helped me identify my strengths, reducing blind-spots — and navigate many complex issues by delivering critical insights, guidance and support. She is amazingly resourceful, creative and has a unique ability to quickly connect. Alexandra is firm in her commitment to relate to her clients as people fully capable of reaching their goals. Alexandra helps you to recognize the battles you have with your mind – the battles where your approach is at stake. Every element of our sessions was observed, described and considered in terms of personal and professional development. I have received outstanding support during some challenging times; she has taught me tools that helped me thrive as a leader. What I like the most is her positive energy and friendly approach. It’s amazing that I had no opportunity to meet her in person but somehow it was easy to build exceptional collaboration. Her most valuable feature is that she always listens prudently and respects your views. I believe that this is how she boosts cooperation and builds environment of trust. The meeting with her is the best gift I have received for my personal and professional growth. She inspired me to reconnect with my intuition and develop my personal and professional ideas. Her questions were thoughtful, her discoveries were lifechanging and the conversations delightful. She helped me grow! Thank you Alexandra for your support!


Desk Supervisor

” I absolutely enjoyed working with Alexandra on my EQ Leadership Assessment and Coaching. During this process, I gained more awareness and insights on points I wanted to develop: improvement of my communication, amelioration of my capacity to remain objective when emotions are involved and boost of my positive attitude and outlook on life. The coaching with Alexandra helped me take a step back, pause and look at the global picture, remain objective even when high emotions are involved. This work is proven to have positively impacted my professional and personal life. During our common work, Alexandra provided fantastic perspectives, coming from her management and business experience. She gave me the right examples from her experience, I learned new tools and strategies, which I can adapt and apply to my own real-life situations. I highly recommend Alexandra to any person and organization aiming for high performance results 

I. L

Senior Controller

” I had pleasure of working with Alexandra last year at Emotional Intelligence Assesment for professional and personal development using her knowledge of coaching. She evaluated the level of my stress tolerance and help me to build one efficient communication and to improve my decisions making. I learned to control my emotions and adjust to the context and to use my abilities to establish interpersonal relationships using emotions constructively and bring special performances in all domains. She is a very talented and dedicated professional, but she is also a fine example of human being. Her dedication and her constant hunger to improve and grow while bringing other up with her is the most amazing. She has an open mind and a strong work etics, she bring new ideas and provides an exceptional customer support. I heartily encourage anyone that has the chance to meet with her; as she will add true value to your life. I would enjoy the opportunity to work with her again. 


Cost Accountant

” Alexandra is a coach who provides excellent value. She is a wonderful listener and challenges in a constructive and stretching manner. Her strategic approach to business shows in the way she empowers you to think and take action. I highly recommend her.”

J. M.


In the beginning of last year, I have decided to be coached by Alexandra, while I have learned powerful perspectives and tools to use in my own business but most importantly, as a leader, she coached me from where I am to where I want to be. I am convinced Alexandra can bring a huge added value, to any organization which understands the importance of such a highly educated professional with a strong ability of combining the business experience with the coaching for performance improvement and leader development. She proved herself of being a trusted long-term partner in my professional development. Alexandra remains an inspiration and one of my top recommendations!


Business Owner

“Alexandra is a wonderful coach and consultant. We worked together last 3 months by facing many of my challenges and goals. She is fully present during sessions with her loving kind energy that allows any transformation and shifting take place effortlessly. Her expertieses in coaching, managment, consultancy is so hight that she is able to contribute to any skills you need to develope. Working with her is a stunning experience in your genius mind as well as in your Soul. It would be a great honor work together and I highly recommend Alexandra to any services she is able to provide. The excellence is her signature. 



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